Introduction to Israeli Spice – Salt!

So now that you have read the intro to my life and enjoyed my first blog, I invite you to dive deeper into the smells and sights that have been my life the past two months, lets do this in a nutshell, or as Israel life teaches, in the shell of a bird seed…

What’s with Israeli’s and these small little bird seeds?

Have you ever opened one, bitten into that hard shell, cracked it open and tasted the salty delight inside? After one, you must sample another and another, until after completely attacking the packet you look around and realise that you are surrounded by shells, an empty packet and your mouth is left burnt from the salt, but you can not wait to get your next packet next time you go to Shufersal!!! (Shufersal is this countries version of Pick n Pay, but this topic is for a whole other blog as it deserves at least 2 pages of discussion) Back to the seeds, these bird seeds remind me a lot of Israelis, well, sort of, a little…

SEED VS ISRAELI : They are both hard on the outside but soft on the inside and you cant get enough of them. You get a variety of seeds, Pumpkin seeds, bird seeds, watermelon seeds, and Israeli’s come in a variety too… there are sub categories upon sub category… Sephardic, Ashkenazy, Moroccan etc, etc, etc… So the conclusion is yes Israeli’s = Seeds!

I have met an array of people here in Israel and on top of my list are foreigners – Argentinians, Italians, Russians, South Americans, Australians, Canadians… This country is filled with Olim from all around the world.

I walk my son to gan  (Nursery school) – ((One of my next blogs will include hebrew translations and lingo for you all to know, learn and follow)) and a number of people pass us by, the amount of languages heard on our 10 minute walk is outstanding!

This country is filled with cultural diversity, it is rich and exciting!

I was having a friendly discussion with a mom from Argentina that speaks Spanish, Hebrew and English. At the same time we were joined by a mom from Italy that speaks Italian, English and Hebrew. I speak English, Hebrew and little Afrikaans… Between the 3 of us we were dropping so many words in so many languages (And thank you brain for continuously  swapping on me on your own  accord and who knew I speak gibberish too), The conversation became a comical theatre production of joining of the tribes from the tower of babel! No one can say my life is boring, how could it be with so many colourful spices around, I’m getting to taste and smell flavours I never thought of before and it’s wonderful.








Welcome to Spice!

So here goes;

I have never been the type of person that saves my thoughts, never owned a proper diary and when I did, I used it as a doodle pad to doodled hundreds of little hearts and stars and funny faces, is that the moment you realise that you are a dreamer, a creative or;  just in need of some Ritalin?

When I was young I would sit for hours trying to think up topics to write about, but instead of putting pen to paper, I would hit a blank, my thoughts on topics would consume me, no real spice and substance would come out. Thanks to my “ADHD” and hyper personality I would quickly drop the pen and run around trying to find something else to do to avoid the fact that my brain was blank… I would clean, neaten, sort, organise and while doing all these chores (which by the way I absolutely love doing and do not see as chores… that is no joke, I enjoy cleaning and neatening and sorting and organising. I had a de-cluttering company in South Africa and now that I’m living in Israel’, I have to do a lot of that, there is always cleaning and dishes and washing and folding and organising and neatening…)  While cleaning I get some of my best ideas,  I start thinking up a variety of ideas! But; once again the moment I sit still with that pen in hand, when that quiet moment finally arrives after I put down my broom or mop, the ideas and creative processes pass me by. Exit my brain. “poof” Almost like I’ve been “wiped clean”.  Maybe having a pc in front of me will help me focus and I’ll be able to get the ideas out of my brain and into the world? Maybe?

If you are reading this, I have succeeded… baby step number 1.

So here goes;

Here I am, Living in Israel, writing down my thoughts and feeling’s about where I’ve been and how I’ve landed myself here…

Ok, so…..

and all I can do is hit a blank!

BUT THEN, Something really amazing happened, I looked up and realised that I started a blog, a blog about me talking about things and there are words on the page. Well they are on my computer screen, but they are there! VICTORY. I did it, all by myself without help from Ritalin. This is the first entry of my mish mash of thoughts and if you continue watching this space your life might change or it might not, but I know mine is changing and my spice rack is getting fuller everyday and perhaps your spice rack will get spicier and more colourful reading my blogs.