A mix of spices Fixes the feelings

When creating a dish for the first time I experiment with the spices and ingredients I  want to add, I do not follow recipes!

Sometimes the dish comes out great and I pat myself on the back because I just earned a spot on TOP CHEF ;Ha! Sometimes I ruin an entire dish, it tastes and looks like slop, the dish needs to be chucked out and forgotten about! These 2 contrasts are the best ways to describe the emotions that accompany moving to a new country… Some days you are on top of the world and then other days you want to hide out under the covers and not see a soul.

No one said moving to a new country would be easy. Every one said you would have ups and downs. The Israelis mentality is not something one learns over night, it takes years to understand the intricate complicated Israeli and why he/she react the way they do. In the past few months we have met some amazing Israeli’s that are becoming more like family every day. They have taken us under their wings and helped us out, from translating school letters, helping us shop for the correct stationary needed for Eitan for kitah א, to calling municipal departments and lifting us to get our broken down car… Amazing how they go out of their way to help people that just a few months ago were complete strangers.

We have been here for 7 months now and every day we wait to see what surprise our country has to throw at us. Last week a great surprise knocked on our door, my son had been invited (along with other Olim going into kitah א ,ב ,ג ,ד or ה  from all around Israel) for a day at Mini Israel. Today is that day, the whirlwind of excitement is like my mix of spices in my dishes, what a treat is in store cause this dish is jam packed with excellence!







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