What always fixes things? Tea! A cup of tea no matter the flavour is the most perfect food for your soul. Its calming effects are beyond explanations, Sip it slowly and watch all your hardships disappear… Nah, rather toss the tea and down a Beer!

I haven’t written in a long time, I thought of tricking you by saying I was testing your savlanut, but that’s not true… Truth be told; one needs to be in a good space to write quirky and funny blogs and I have found myself in the “rut part” of moving .We are no longer in the honeymoon phase and now real day to day life needs to happen. No one said moving would be easy, everyone warned us of the ups and downs of this part of the journey. You just can’t understand or relate until you go through it…

I speak Hebrew fluently, I read and write at a very basic level (self taught) So when I tell people that I don’t understand a specific word or what they are talking about or ask them to read something to me, they look at me flabbergasted. I have the mentality and Mannerisms of a South African, so fitting in here makes it a little tricky.

I am trying to find my place in this mad beautiful place and some days I just don’t know how. I miss my Family, my friends, my life, the familiarity of what we had. Who we had, even the simplest thing, like which direction to look before crossing the road… Here we start from scratch and it is hard…

Brain thinks and decided to pull itself and its physical out of the rut by doing the following:

Step 1: Toss the tea,

Step 2: Find some friends, even if you need to rent a crowd,

Step 3. Go out with said girlfriends for a beer!

Step 4: Forget your rut and let it not be the focus of your thoughts.

Step 5: Laugh loudly at life!

Step 6: Indulge in another Beer and just be.



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