Chilli it out

“SAVLANUT” – The Hebrew word for Patience!

I made you wait almost a month before reading my delightful post, did you miss me? Did you? Did you have Savlanut or where you about to e-mail me a million requests for the next installment?

“Welcome to Israel and don’t forget to have Savlanut” This is one of the first things you get told when arriving  in Israel!  Most Olim already have this amazing characteristic without needing to learn it, but how do you live in a country that is built for being strong and showing off your plumage by remaining collected and patience? Take a little bit of Chilli and chew it for a while, mouth explodes, scream into a pillow and once this is done you chill the chilli with a glass of milk, because another thing you get taught is that this is the country of Milk!

Did you know that Chilli comes in a variety of colours – , red, orange, yellow and green… The traffic light turns from red to orange (or yellow – whichever floats your boat) and before you even get a chance to glance the green the hooters have already made a million ear aching sounds. Anxiety kicks in and sweat begins to pour out of every crevice! “RELAX” I scream out the window, “I’m moving, I’m going”… I’m sweating, I’m fuming, I’m now as hot and heavy on the hooter and am hooting like a maniac at the car in front of me. My Savlanut has flown out the window and I have joined that red hot chilli explosion! I AM that red hot chilli explosion.

*Arrive at destination*




*Walk around in circles*

*Do the salsa*

*Add chilli to the salsa*

*Head for the fridge*


Calming down with a nice cold glass of milk.

I love how much dairy they have in this country. I love their yoghurts and cheese and creams and milk, YUM.


A light bulb  goes off in my head and all of a sudden I realise that my hot headedness can be cured! I slurp my final sips of milk and on my journey home I blast the music in my car so I can no longer hear the hooters. Ha!  Chilli has chilled out.



One thought on “Chilli it out

  1. Gina says:

    Hahaha. My son once told me he knows Im becoming a real Israeli because I have no savlanut! (I was trying to hurry him out the bath at the time) 🙂


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