No Onions needed, tears flow…

Ok, So an Onion isn’t categorized as a spice, but it definitely adds flavour!

I love Onions.

I use Onions in all my savoury dishes. Soups, stir fry, salads, none are complete without my trustee Onion.

What I don’t love? Is cutting onions!

My eyes swell, the ducts fill up and all at once the tears flow out! No matter how many tricks and tips I’ve Google’d to find a perfect no cry  method for  cutting an onion, end result is – me sobbing away.


Israel is seeing its fair share of tears at the moment.

Last week was “Yom Hashaoh”where we remember and honor the memory of the Holocaust and remind ourselves and teach our children that never again will we allow the horrors to be repeated!

Today is “Yom Hazikaron” where we remember and honour the fallen soldiers and civilians lost in the fight to protect this great country.


The siren begins… 2 minutes, 2 minutes feel like a lifetime when you think about everything that others have endured… The tears of the onion don’t seem severe when you think of lives lost, parents loosing their children, future battles that always lurk… 

Israel is hard, life in Israel is no vacation, but the things we are experiencing here every day make this place worth the hardships; despite everyone, their differences, their political views, religious beliefs and petty mundane every day complaints; on these two days all Israeli’s throughout Israel stand together and give their respect to honour the past. I look at my kids and realise that they will one day be proudly wearing their army uniforms and fighting the fight to survive.

Tonight the tears completely wash away and we get filled with giddy happiness and laughter, celebration of life! Independence is what we have gained and achieved, the sorrows of the past have led us to this, our incredible “Yom Haatzmaut” – Israel, an Independent state!

Conclusion – A onion has many layers, my once cut onion might have created many tears, but now the delights of the meal are felt and we all share in the deliciousness that has been created together. May the dreams we all dream be the future we find and may each day be a celebration of life.



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