Peppery Adventures on the streets of KS

Have you ever bitten into a raw pepper seed? That slightly burning unbearable flavour consumes your mouth for a few moments and just like that, it’s over! That is what buying a second hand car tastes like…

Before moving to Israel every one raved about the public transport system and said “you can get by without a car”. Once our feet landed on Israels’ soil, that notion was swiftly thrown out! Clearly things were lost in translation and this was not the case and as you might have read in my previous blog, getting places takes uber long! Sitting on a bus to commute to the next bus to then walk another 15 minutes until you reach a destination is not an option and by the way, buses and trains do not drive on Fridays and Saturdays, so how do we get places? EEEKKKKK.

I just did a huge grocery shop, now to walk home! 12 blocks doesn’t sound so bad, but add 20kg’s of shopping and then lets see who’s smiling!

The search for a second hand car was on and that bitter taste got stronger every time I opened “Yad2” to check what was on offer. “Yad 2” translates to “second hand” it’s an online site where you can find anything second hand, from purim costumes to cell phones to cars to apartments and and and…

Step 1. Open search engine,

Step 2. Type in Yad2,

Step 3. Google translate to understand how to navigate said site cause despite pretty pictures it’s asking far too many questions (Who is in charge of translating the Hebrew to English on this google translate app? Seriously, the word it just translated isn’t even an English word!)

Most signs and translations from Hebrew to English in Israel are bizarre and wrong.               In the short few months we’ve been here most things I’ve read I either giggle at or contort my face into a million awkward motions to try figure out what is actually written… For example, there are a number of variations of the spelling of the name of the area we live in: “Kfar Sava, Cfar Sava, Kefar Sava, or Kefar Saba… confused much? Me too!

Step 4. After figuring out which car we might want and inputting all information into said places, hit “SEARCH”

Okay, so I thought I could afford that, hhhmmm, moving on, that car has done how many kilometers???? OMG, did they drive to India in that? Moving on…

This tiresome search has taken us weeks and the bitter taste of the pepper was so embedded we felt like there was no hope, but wait, if you add pepper to something, like salad or meatballs, or pasta it no longer stings your mouth and all of a sudden it has added so much flavour you miss that stingy sensation!  Just like that, EUREKA.                                     A car was found, viewed, negotiated and BOUGHT! We receive our little car on Thursday yipppeeeeee. Watch out Israel, Bibi is now mobile on the roads!




3 thoughts on “Peppery Adventures on the streets of KS

  1. Gina says:

    Yay! Mazaltov! Lots of happy safe km’s!!!

    I have to admit that for us public transport has been great. The only down side is the weekends and being stuck in Modiin. One day we will get a little run around for the weekends 🙂


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