Sweeter than Purim- Sugar!

I love Purim! It is the most joyous, fun, exciting, sugary, sweet festival. Kids walking all over in a variety of outfits, Colourful happy smiles, sooooo much fun. In Israel they don’t only celebrate one day, we get to experience over a week, if not close to a month of festivities!!! Yippeeee

Chocolates, Cheese cake, muffins… SUGAR! Hamentashen, sweets, donuts… SUGAR! Chocolate mousse, Orange cake, Custard… SUGAR! Mishloach Manot = SUGAR!

I am one of those annoying people that LOVE dress up, I dress up with my kids just for fun. We have boxes of clothing and hats to commemorate dress up. You can imagine my panic when purim was heading our way and our container with all our dress up boxes had not yet arrived. WHAT TO WEAR?


Luckily I am a creative and making a plan is my middle name. My son asked to be a pirate and my little miss decided to go as “Cleopatra” (thanks to Katy Perrys’ music video that she had seen). Pirate outfit was sorted within minutes, cleopatra on the other hand…


We scoured the streets of Kfar Sava, went into every costume and toy store available and after days of tiresome missions, we finally found her an outfit. My sweet little miss tries on the outfit then says, “Nah, I don’t like it anymore”  What? After all that? Now what?

She glances at a costume hiding behind me and says “Mommy, I want to be a doctor like doc Mac Suffins!!!” SUCCESS!



I’m so sweet and that is why I can’t have sugar. Well; that’s what I keep telling myself! Over a year ago I found out that I was pre-Diabetic, my insulin had stopped producing, my body was heavy and sluggish and I was getting sick a lot. “You’re headed to type 2 Diabetes” they said… “fix your diet or you’ll have to inject” they said. After a number of emotional breakdowns I got over myself. My amazing Homoeopath started me on a 3 month course of “liquid insulin” and a strict NO SUGAR, NO CARB regime. “What??? Then what do I eat? “  

Do you know that sugar is in everything. EVERYTHING! Have you read the labels? Sugar sneaks up on us in every item of food, ketchup = SUGAR, corn flakes = SUGAR… and on and on and on…

The Banting Craze was ripe in SA and I hopped on the wagon. Within days I lost a fortune of water retention, almost 2 kg’s, within weeks 6 kgs, within months I had lost a whopping 10kgs! Now, almost a year later I am officially down 14 kg’s in total. Not everyone agrees with Tim Noakes and his regime of sugar-less carb-less eating, but I am proof that this pudding is no longer a pudding and my body is healthy and happy once more.

The amazing thing about living in Israel is the amount of “No sugar added” products I am able to find. In SA it was a difficult task and I would have to mission to BluBird to get my once in a blue moon fix of Belle’s sugar-free cheese cake. Here in Israel it’s a haven for the sugar-less eater. Lucky me gets to indulge in sugar free Mishloach Manot and have the edible delights that Purim has to offer. With that being said, I am off to grab a sugar-free cappuccino and nut ice cream from “BUY THE WAY” and watch as the festivities and silliness of Purim commences!







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